Sunday, 5 November 2017


So many of us feel trapped in the chaotic world we know today. Dreamers focus on their taught idea of success; money, things & social status. When you really experience & fine tune those ideals you become to realise they aren't what you think. Money and people will not make you happy. Perhaps for a hour or a day but I can assure you not many will give you long life fulfillment.

My way of looking at 'minimalism' is a lifestyle to stop the madness, stop the unnecessary noise around us. The situations that divert our daily thinking into a negative place. It's the idea of being able to live with less, whether that's possessions or relationships. It's knowing what you need and discovering what will truly help you on the way to happiness.

It's essential these days to be a good example, to allow others to follow from your lead. Whether that's your family, children, friends or even just like-minded people needing guidance. My journey through minimalism has allowed me to connect closer to others, it's allowed me to embrace myself in my true, genuine form.

"People do things to hurt you and make you jealous when claiming they are trying to win your heart."

So little of us are actually thankful for what we have already. Having a home, family, friends, feeling safe in the place we live, waking up and being able to breathe. So many of us fast pace beings take the most simple things for granted.
Many of us have strong, supportive relationships which we take for granted each and every day. We become annoyed or 'pissed off' over the most petty of things. Whether it's through harsh conversation or social media. How many of us have stupid arguments and slam the door shut. Later regretting our choice of words as one day, they maybe the last. Blanking someone in the street or refusing to congratulate someone through jealousy, these are basic life choices which in turn, say so much about ourselves. We are reluctant to help people unless we receive something in return. We refuse to give up some of our time watching Netflix in order to help others. We waste days, weeks, months scrolling through social media and limiting conversation with our loved ones. The average person checks their phone over 100 times a day, searching for information, attention and answers. People do things to hurt you and make you jealous when claiming they are trying to win your heart.

Take a step back and reflect.  
Why not spend more time loving someone instead of making them jealous? They not spend more time visiting someone rather then text? Why not spend more time looking and speaking to the people around you, instead of focusing on the unrealistic, virtual world you find on your phone?

"We should be identified by what one does, not by what one owns."

Society has grown attached to worshiping consumption. Buying things to make us feel better, to have that 'fix' and to fill the void we are missing. Fast fashion has become an obsession, an addiction to buying the latest items. Being told by the media that we are now out of trend, being told what to buy and where to buy it. Having pieces that last a month rather than a year. Spending money on a quick fix that we soon dis-guard a short while later when they now have no value. The pressure of Black Friday to queue for hours in the cold in order to get the best deals. To max out our credit cards in order to buy masses of gifts and to attempt to keep up with the market. We believe we are receiving good deals, yet really, it's making us buy more. When we will ever have enough?
Our emotions are now connected to things rather than people. We find joy from the latest iPhone rather then conversation or a hug. We believe we are of value if we have things of value. We believe the clothes we wear identify our social status.
We should be identified by what one does, not by what one owns. People hurt us and apologise by buying us a 'thing' to say sorry rather than words. Until it happens again and the negative process continues.

It's learning to possess the things that give you value, things you need and things that help you through life. Being surrounded by things of purpose, in order to help you. Not to define your purpose. It's finding a balance between treats & essentials. Society has taught us to spend spend spend. Constantly working for our next pay cheque in order to fuel our habits. Perhaps if we really take a look at our spending we can save. We have to get rid of items, experiences that no longer serve us or give us meaning.

Wherever you are on your journey it's never too late to review. Gradually clear your wardrobe, social list, negative relationships or surroundings in order to give us a more fulfilled life. To choose a life that's good for you and others around you. Finding happiness from within, not through others or things. Each day revise your choices and ask yourself, is this giving me or anyone purpose? Does this hold meaning? Is this a true reflection of who I am? If you change your choices, you change your social attractions. If you do good, you attract good people. Clearing unnecessary things or people from your life allows you focus and have more room in your mind for what truly matters.

Love people & use things. The opposite never works.

When you realise this life is yours and this is the only one you will have, when it's distant from 'hippy bs', when it really seeps into your bones, that's when everything changes.
Love people & use things. The opposite never works.



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