Sunday, 22 October 2017


I've kept my face hidden from the lens ever since The Psyche Style was created. Society has taught us to compare, do better, be better. Well, let me tell you, comparison is where we've been cheated. I've sat and compared myself to others for years, I could write a list 'as long as my arm' detailing all the things I would change about my appearance. I've wasted so much time worrying about things I can't change. Generations younger then the baby boomers have become obsessed with selfies and social media likes, myself included.

Us wandering millennials are now fighting back against those social labels. Forever becoming more in tune with ourselves and the core values of life. I'm here to share my experiences and to also help inspire those who may need guidance. 

Influencers such as Lydia Millen & I AM CHOUQUETTE have pulled me out of very dark days, they have no idea. They have a way of completely capturing my attention and my focus. I wish to thank them for showing me what is possible, for showing me who I am and what I am also capable of. For me to gain the courage to finally share what I'm so passionate about. To add my new positive outlook to the lives of others and to help them through struggles (of course staying true to my love for fashion along the way). I wish thank them for giving me the inspiration and motivation on those days where I've not even wanted to get out of bed. I've always been one of those who put others first, done things to benefit others despite not caring for myself. Now I've learnt to love myself and to also share so much love and support to others, it's time for change. 

Reflecting on life and my mindset has made me want more, it's made me realise there is more of life. I've used all my negative experiences to channel my hopes and dreams, and to find the core of who I am. I want to be able to open up and have real talk. To close the bridge between social fake and social fact. I don't want any pitty parties. For me, sharing thoughts and experiences has actually enabled me to connect with others and discover other like-minded dreamers I can evolve with. I want to create a space to establish not only core wardrobe essentials but also core life essentials.

The most valuable lesson you can learn is to appreciate yourself, you are you and that is your power.

I'm here to share my stories, support, style, advice & love to all who are willing to join me. I am The Psyche Style and this is my journey...


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