Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Florals are a psyche essential when dressing a home for a special occasion. They add a little lux and happiness to those dull days, we all have them. Floristry is something that's always been an interest and why not add 'another string to my bow' when the opportunity presents itself. I'm a believer in everything happens for a reason and this was something not to be missed.

As a Halloween treat we gathered for a pumpkin flower arrangement lesson. Ideas like this are always such a good investment of your time and money. Not only did I learn a lot (although I've forgotten so many Latin flower names) but I also had such a lovely time doing it! For any special occaision or bouquet I buy I always make them up myself. I think it comes naturally as a creative but I can't stand some of the bunches they make up. I like a mix of texture, shape & also of course in-keeping with my aesthetic. Prosecco, good friends & beautiful flowers, what more could you want?

It's pretty obvious that I didn't opt for the typical Autumnal/Halloween style colour palette but ay, it's not within my style. The Psyche Style is a focus of many neutrals colours to adapt and wear all year round. I'll get round to adding more colour at some point I promise.... 

 Thoughts when arranging flowers reminded me of those we go through when arranging our personal styles or homes. There's always a focal point, in this case it was the white rose. A white rose is my most favourite flower which symbolizes purity, same aesthetic in homes now too, the more white the better. The leaves are added around the edges and the top, scattered randomly. This mixes in lovely with the whistles for a wild, unpredictable look. It's knowing how to get a balance between plan/strategy and natural. Other coloured flowers are used to balance, this is something to do by eye.

Flower arrangement is something that will always be different between person to person. Again like style and taste. It was interesting to see the outcomes, which were so different despite each being open to using the same flowers. All beautiful in their own way.

The Psyche Style flower arranging style tips:

- Plan your point of focus (main beautiful flower)
- Gather enough leaves, wild flowers to add depth and bulk to the desig. Scatter these roughly
- Opt for a range of different leaves, textures and colours when bunching together foliage
- Plan your colour palette and know your desired style
- Don't be afraid to try new ideas, if they don't work you can always take them out
- Choose smaller beautiful pieces to scatter
- Choose pieces of a similar colour palette and balance the colours across the bouquet
- Add height towards the back, it doesn't need to be even
- Plan the eyes journey to cover all aspects of the bouquet. You should be able to plan a journey for a frog to jump from level to level

Never let your skills limit you. All these are relevant to flower arranging however, many of us also use these when creating our key style. Especially within interior design.
I'd highly recommend courses/sessions like these. They're so much fun, you learn so much and have a giggle whilst doing it. We've signed up for the Christmas one which I'm so excited for. Christmas is my favourite time of year.

Happy Halloween! :)



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