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We've all had those moments scrolling through Instagram wishing we had the luxury designer pieces owned by others. We've all said "well, if only I had as much money as them" or "I'll never own that, I can only afford High Street". Well, let me tell you, you CAN. Being wise about how you spend your money will allow you to buy the things you really desire.

Buy the best quality you can afford. No matter how much your salary may be, sit down and work out how much you spend on a monthly basis. Obvs, the 'boring' billing etc are a priority so don't go getting yourselves into trouble. Decide how much (realistically) you have to spend on yourself/treats each month. Instead of spending a few 100's on High Street, just think about one thing you really need. I mean need and not just want, that you can take from season to season and still have in 5+ years time. Set yourself a goal to buy one core, wardrobe essential each month. Not only are you opening up your dreamy eyes to reality you are also pushing yourself to grasp the things you desire to have. 

Work out what you need. Yes, I'm saying it again - Need, not just want. Think about things you use day-to-day, season-to-season. Maybe something that's becoming a bit worn which needs an upgrade. Things that aren't just trend based, things that are timeless classics. For example, a well-made black handbag to use from day to night, a warm, snuggly winter coat, or even black leather boots to wear day in day out during winter. Your next purchases need to fit in with your wardrobe essentials, pieces that will be timeless and long lasting, especially if you are stretching your budget for them.

It's also great to take advice from others, perhaps other bloggers when trying to decide what to buy. Be careful for 'ads' or 'sponsored' posts as they aren't always truthful.  If you're seeking advice from others and you're doubting your purchase then don't take the pludge. Only buy expensive pieces you are 100% sure of, no questions asked.

Make sacrifices. Whilst you're working out your budget & planning your core wardrobe essentials, take a look at things you perhaps 'waste' your money on each month. These could be fast fashion pieces or nail varnishes you don't actually need. Perhaps you've purchased another red lipstick yet you already have 50 at home (I was guilty of this). Maybe you've spent so much on buying Celebrity lip kits to realise they aren't actually as good as you thought. Always take a step back and think, do I really need this? Perhaps you've been to Starbucks four times that week so do you really need to go a fifth time?

Start slow & small. Before splurging out on a £4,000 Chanel bag maybe see if there is a 'smaller' designer brand you love too. Designers such a; AllSaints, DKNY, Michael Kors (and so on) offer well designed pieces at a fraction of the cost. The White Company offer beautiful home ware and fashion pieces, again timeless and amazing quality. Slowly, each month you will begin to collect beautiful quality pieces and it will be hard to look back on the High Street. 

Opt for outlets. Outlets such as Bicester Village are amazing places to start when buying designer. They offer a huge range of low end and high end designer brands. All with amazing prices and offers. It's a beautiful day out and so inspirational to surround yourself with luxury designers. It really gives you an amazing feeling when being surrounded by so much luxury (well for me anyway). Its the same feeling I get when walking into Harrods, especially at Christmas.
Signing up to the mailing list is always a good idea to keep on track of when the next big sales are. 

Websites such as Vestiaire Collective are also another great option, the updates also go straight to your email so don't worry, not too much work is involved. You can set reminders for the app to let you know when your desired item has come into stock. They also sell pre-loved which could be more manageable price-wise, depending on the brand.

A DKNY bag was my Bicester Village purchase this month. I'd had my eye on it for a while and decided to take the pludge. I said to myself, if it was still available when I next go then it's a sign and I need to buy it. Next thing I know, I'm at the till getting a new one. I've loved DKNY for a number of years now, especially since Donna Karan has left the brand, I wasn't too keen on her taste. DKNY now has a new look and new story, something to be admired and fits my aesthetic/style perfectly.
I dream of one day owning a Chanel however I'm taking my own advice and starting off small.

Here are the best ways to shop designer 'in a nut shell':

-  Know & refine your style
- Make a list of key pieces you need to carry you from each season & each year
- Invest in the timeless classics
- Know where to shop and always look for discounts
- Sign upto mailing lists to keep in know the about when the best sales are
- Follow advice from others however never let them influence your style
- Start slow and start small
- Save
- Make sure you can afford the pieces you buy, debt is not worth it
- Think about it for a while, don't just impulse buy

If you have any tips on buying into Designer then please let them in the comments below :)


Photographs taken by The Psyche Style at Bicester Village Outlet


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