Monday, 11 January 2016



So, my birthday's next month (I know I still have a few weeks to plan) but I'm already on the hunt for my birthday outfit. Something simple, and for sure something I will wear often - keeping it a wardrobe staple. I purchased this bargain the other day, all I'm going to say was that it was a really good price so I couldn't say no. It does come with a longer strap but to be honest, I think it works best as a clutch. The fringing is really long which I love!

As you have probably guessed my wardrobe is pretty plain! This bag would be great to add extra detail and interest to my outfits. I love simple, chic design so I hate anything too over the top. This clutch was exactly what I had been looking for. Thanks DKNY!


Thursday, 7 January 2016



A Cluse delivery very swiftly arrived at my door this morning. The shipping was free and literally arrived within three days - amazing! I'd been on the hunt for the perfect watch for a while now and stumbled across Cluse on Instagram. A brand of chic, simple design based in Amsterdam which fits in nicely with my style aesthetic. 
I chose the CL 18105 design which admittedly arrived in a box much bigger then necessary. The watch was carefully wrapped within a brown leather case with two small leaflets. Usually I love un-boxing a new watch or piece of jewellery and being able to keep it displayed that way so I wasn't sure if i liked the leather case at first. It's a lovely simple design and different to what I have seen around me.
Many people are opting for the simple Daniel Wellington watch designs which I do like, however I wanted something that many people around me wouldn't have. I love exploring new things and brands and then being able to recommend them to others. I can certainly recommend Cluse!

I think the all black design is next on my list...

View on Instagram here
Shop here


Tuesday, 5 January 2016


2015 introduced us to so many new healthy eating and lifestyle ideas. I have a pretty good feeling that 2016 will follow in the same direction. I've been eating healthy for a while now since noticing I have intolerance's to certain foods. Here's a yummy recipe which only take 10 mins to make.

- Boil kale until soft
- Lightly fry off Quorn chicken in wok
- Add quinoa, green beans and veggies - fry until soft
- Add pesto (or any flavouring of your choice)
- Mix well 
- Add the boiled kale to the wok and stir
- Add grated cheese and enjoy!

Recipes like this are great, you can also add extra for lunch the next day. Snap a picture and add to your instagram - to show us tag:  #ThePsycheStyle


Saturday, 2 January 2016

HELLO 2016..


Happy New Year!

I know it's been a ridiculously long time since I last posted on The Psyche Style. Lets just say 2015 has been a whirlwind of a year and unfortunately, The Psyche Style has had to take a back seat. Now it's a new year I hope to share much more of my inspiration with you all!

Each new year welcomes new goals and resolutions. Here are a few of mine;

- stay true to yourself and remain humble
- continue to work on The Psyche Style
- make the most out of life and count your blessings
- learn to save for bigger purchases
- continue to remain against fast fashion
- read more

What are yours?

(Black dress & bag by Zara)


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