Tuesday, 7 July 2015



This juice has been taken from one of our favourite restaurants - Wagamamas.  They make the best juices, and we always favour the raw juice. It's packed full of great nutrients to help boost the immune system. There's just something about carrot juice that we love.


- 3 carrots
- 2 tomatoes
- 1 apple
- Chunk of cucumber
- 2 oranges

Simply put them in your juicer one by one. Once you're done give it a stir and you're good to go! It's best to drink the juice within 20mins of making. Alternatively, you can store it in an air tight container/jar, pop it in the fridge and drink within 24 hours. 

Carrot and Ginger is also a great combination - Ginger is also great for the digestive track.
Carrot and Beetroot is lovely too! We'll make a juice with beetroot soon.

Hope you enjoy this recipe.
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