Thursday, 16 July 2015



This smoothie is packed with vitamin C, D & Zinc. It's so delicious and perfect for summer. Making juices and smoothie is a great way to make sure your body what it needs. This smoothie is thicker then the other juices we have previously posted. You will need to get rid of any cores, skins or seeds before blending together.
We've added our Mattsupps Berries for extra goodness.


- 4 apples
- 1 mango
- 2 oranges
- crushed pumpkin seeds
- flax seed
- squeeze of lime
-  Mattsupps Berries (optional)

Simply blend all together to create an amazing smoothie. These are great kitchen basics that you could use for many juices and smoothies. Play around with flavours that you enjoy.
We hope you enjoy.


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