Thursday, 25 June 2015

vegan sweet potato brownies...

Today we baked gorgeous vegan sweet potato brownies found on Deliciously Ella . They're vegan and gluten-free, perfect for us healthy eating lovers. They're a great way to get some sweetness without causing you to feel bloated or tired after! 
They aren't as sweet as normal brownies and you can tell they are a healthy version. For those who aren't used to healthy eating, they may take a bit more persuading....

We love the outcome and they were super easy to make! The ingredients are easily accessible and was a lovely activity to do after a busy day.

Have you tried making them? What did you think....?


Makes 10 brownies
– 2 medium to large sweet potatoes (600g)
– 2/3 of a cup of ground almonds (80g)
– 1/2 a cup of buckwheat or brown rice flour (100g)
– 14 medjool dates
– 4 tablespoons of raw cacao
– 3 tablespoons of pure maple syrup
– a pinch of salt

(Image taken by The Psyche Style)


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